Hello world!

Welcome to my new online sketchbook. I am creating this blog for the same reasons many artists do. I know people are always curiously for works-in-progress and some behind the scenes. I will be posting such WIPs, sketches, and other less ‘official’ artwork here that you may be interested in seeing and doesn’t otherwise make it to my website. Please refer to my portfolio website for my main work: www.artkarolina.com. You will always know where to go since it’s the title of this blog. I greatly appreciate anyone sharing this blog across the interwebs, helping me building a new, wider reputation and potentially helping me build a client base. You may not be able to afford original artwork or prints, but this helps me greatly knowing that more people see my art.

As for a short introduction, my name is Karolina Szablewska. I have an undergraduate BFA focusing on film and have plenty of experience in film production. I am most interested in these positions on set and in post-production: Director, First Assistant Director, Focus Puller, Boom Operator, Second Assistant Camera (Clapper), Lead Editor, Colour Correctionist. If you’re in my area and need a crew member, feel free to contact me. That said, I have standards. Because of my professionalized movie junkie background, you may run into some film related posts…some may be very obscure and technical. I have a couple successful short films under my belt as writer/director, and several other short films that back up my other experience.

However, my main interest on here is building an illustration portfolio and starting a career in what I am calling, Visual Storytelling. I am in love with storytelling and I would like to do storybook and comic illustration; this also ties in with film work as I would like to continue writing and directing films and working on great films. Both of these are incredibly challenging fields. Both require a similar kind of intuitive knowledge.You will mainly see illustrative work in this blog, and I am leaving a quiet reminder that I am looking for commissions and sales.~