NSCAD Studio Class 1

I am single studio class away from completing my university career at NSCAD. This is my final studio project I toil away at, mostly at home rather than in my studio. My studio isn’t really my favourite place… it’s cold, it’s got no windows, it’s all white but grungy, and usually empty of people. My biggest issue with it is that I need to put everything away every time I leave – it’s so unnatural to the way I would work. The whole purpose behind a studio is a to have an area where I can have my work set up and it is a stimulating, productive environment. Aside from a lot of hand-drawn panels, I feel I might end up doing the majority of the work in small notebooks in writing and sketching, then in assembly on Photoshop.


So after that suspenseful tangent, I present the underlying drafting work for the first panel of the first page in my comic. Currently titled Untitled, featuring Unnamed as the main character – a man living in a future dystopia, who through an accident, discovers he is a …. Okay, I have the answer for that one at least, but I’m not gonna blow it before you’ve seen the development.

I realize this may appear flaky…an untitled book with an unnamed character…I will not be posting full completed pages (unless you are part of my Council), as I am really interested in actually publishing this. So, you will see development work and may gauge some story, but I will mostly leave you clueless. I promise there is tonnes going on behind the screen you aren’t witnessing. 😛