WIP Metallic Taste Panel1 Page1

0004Things get a lot worse before they get better.

I find that to be often true in life…and after not picking up watercolours for over a year. That skin tone went to hell very fast.

Watercolour doesn’t mix colour the same way at all as other types of paint. It doesn’t layer the same…it doesn’t dry the same. It doesn’t work as an opaque medium; it’s meant to be fluid and translucent. It’s very easy to over do it. I over did it…I turned it into roadkill. That watercolour is so thick, my later attempts at redeeming some of it made it hard to ink over. My pen would scrap out the paint, the ink wouldn’t sit on it. I’m kind of embarrassed….

Skin tone going to hell in progress.
Skin tone going to hell in progress.

You can see the surrounding watercolour is fluid and the foreground character is chalky. No good. Hopefully, later I will be able to salvage at least the colour of it in Photoshop. I guess the texture is kind of neat, since I would normally not do this. The rest of the watercolour will probably stay as is… I plan to ink in a lot of the details over top.

I spent a whole day in the studio… 10 – 7:30 pm. I mostly worked on this, but I am working on a few panels at a time. Somewhere in there was lunch, and a lot of that time was spent trying to get back in the habit with this paint. Watching paint dry is also time consuming. It’s frustrating to also work in a studio without proper, clean sinks, no paper towels, no soap…there’s no spare tables…the drawing table I work on is half broken. Really a shame.