Month: July 2012

Metallic Taste WIP


Close-up of a much larger panel. An accident is about to happen. Many elements are missing as I will be adding digital effects and drawn in electrical bursts coming from the car. This panel is a larger action panel which will have overlaying panels on top.

The effect I learned while making this panel is what you see there with the India ink. Obviously, ink will spread when it makes contact with water. By dampening the page and drawing fine lines with a pen, you can get this effect.

Metallic Taste WIP – What will be the name of my main character?

I spent all over yesterday working…literally from the moment I woke up till when I went to bed, minus the hour I watched an episode of Oz – you know,  the prison show from 1997? It’s actually pretty good, and interesting.Very few shows really bring you into a world you’re completely unaware and in such a realistic way. I mean, I don’t know anything about life in a high-security prison, but the main characters are really well developed with real-life motives, and the prisoners are just wacky and interesting. A lot of people die on that show. It’s very conventional of old television to just literally kill off characters. And why am I watching old TV? Well new TV is absolutely shit.


So this is the first time we really get a good look at my main character. He’s still dosing off in his car…this is a different panel where the Emergency signal in his meglev car starts going off – that will be added digitally. One of the questions that takes me forever to answer is: What is my main characters name? Right after…What’s the title? The name currently kicking about my head is Valentino Gorzka. Since in the future, Polish people will have babies with Italians.

WIP & Comments on Blogger/WordPress/Tumblr

Here is a pretty decent review of the raging battle of Blogger vs. Tumblr. I’ve been reading a lot of these reviews lately because I am trying to decide which to invest my energy in, and how much, and I’ve decided the way to go is to reblog my images with a watermark on Tumblr but keep the original content on Blogger. Best of both worlds.

UPDATE (several years later): Look at me moving over to WordPress! Blogger is clearly a forgotten project by Google – it lacks so many basic features. When I first started this blog, it was still competitive with WordPress has it lacked some features (ie. Adsense integration). But now, I find with the new, modernized templates for Blogger, Adsense doesn’t work half the time anyway. Also, why is there no social media intergration/auto-posting at this point? Tumblr is a piece of garbage as well, ever since it’s been acquired by Yahoo!. I find, with Tumblr, you will not build a following unless you invest all your time into connecting with others, posting, sharing your blog. I don’t have the time/resources to spend all day on Tumblr – which is just one website of many I am part of as an artist.


So, remember the wet watercolour from a few posts back? Here it is again, dry, with some ink roads drawn onto wet paper.

How to draw perfectly straight lines in Photoshop with the Paintbrush Tool


Yet another panel. I tried really hard to use the Perspective Grid tool in Adobe Illustrator, but for some reason, I just wasn’t able to set it up in this perspective. Or, I just don’t get it. If someone feels like enlightening my spatially challenged brain how this works, please do.

What I ended up doing is manually place crosses with the rulers as the vanishing points in Photoshop, and drawing all the perspective lines in with the Line tool. Then, I sketched over the shapes, and now as you see, I am doing actual lineart.

How did I get the lines so straight with my stylus? Here’s a new trick I learned from googling in frustration after failing to draw a perfectly straight line: hold SHIFT when using the Paintbrush, and just click in points where you want the line to begin and end! How hard you ‘click’ with your pen will determine the thickness and such of your line, based on what your brush pen settings are set to.

My NSCAD Studio

I’m gonna rip you guys off. Here is the finished panel. On the wall.


After inking with a quill and brush and adding some shadows WITH the lineart, I revived some highlights and added some clouding effects with white designer gauche + some water.

This is also my shabby studio space…my dingy dark corner that I spend 1 day a week in toiling away for 10 hours. Those are some hair style sketches on the wall. I made them because I frequently become very unimaginative when getting technical while drawing.

WIP with Masking Fluid


Process Photo! Latex Masking Fluid and cheap sea salt are my favourite tools with watercolour. For salt effects, cheap salt works best because it’s probably dehydrated from sea water instead of mined out of the ground. This makes a big difference in its absorbency. This is a first soaking wet wash of watercolour.

Birthday Post – First real digital drawing: Dragon

0005-bThis is a special post because it was my birthday yesturday and I got too caught up in being out on Canada Day to post anything.

This is the first drawing I did on my new tablet. I’ve never really used a tablet. I did two drawings on one way back 6 years ago, and neither I’m entirely proud of. One of them was like an anti-Nazi image (why?….) and the other, a overly realistic cartoon cat, where I got obsessively caught up in the details.

The first real drawing on this tablet is actually a scribble, trying to get used to the pen. Then after that, I found the Wacom Intuos4 works pretty close to any other pen-like medium and found it easy and intuitive to use.

Typically, this is how I draw. I use a lot of grungy texture and lines – I do a lot of shading with the actual line work. I like large flat areas with drawn in shading, but I also like to have the impression of the light or real texture of what I’m drawing.

I’m also a huge life-long fan of dragons and have my own stylistic conventions for drawing them (ie, those paws).