Birthday Post – First real digital drawing: Dragon

0005-bThis is a special post because it was my birthday yesturday and I got too caught up in being out on Canada Day to post anything.

This is the first drawing I did on my new tablet. I’ve never really used a tablet. I did two drawings on one way back 6 years ago, and neither I’m entirely proud of. One of them was like an anti-Nazi image (why?….) and the other, a overly realistic cartoon cat, where I got obsessively caught up in the details.

The first real drawing on this tablet is actually a scribble, trying to get used to the pen. Then after that, I found the Wacom Intuos4 works pretty close to any other pen-like medium and found it easy and intuitive to use.

Typically, this is how I draw. I use a lot of grungy texture and lines – I do a lot of shading with the actual line work. I like large flat areas with drawn in shading, but I also like to have the impression of the light or real texture of what I’m drawing.

I’m also a huge life-long fan of dragons and have my own stylistic conventions for drawing them (ie, those paws).