How to draw perfectly straight lines in Photoshop with the Paintbrush Tool


Yet another panel. I tried really hard to use the Perspective Grid tool in Adobe Illustrator, but for some reason, I just wasn’t able to set it up in this perspective. Or, I just don’t get it. If someone feels like enlightening my spatially challenged brain how this works, please do.

What I ended up doing is manually place crosses with the rulers as the vanishing points in Photoshop, and drawing all the perspective lines in with the Line tool. Then, I sketched over the shapes, and now as you see, I am doing actual lineart.

How did I get the lines so straight with my stylus? Here’s a new trick I learned from googling in frustration after failing to draw a perfectly straight line: hold SHIFT when using the Paintbrush, and just click in points where you want the line to begin and end! How hard you ‘click’ with your pen will determine the thickness and such of your line, based on what your brush pen settings are set to.