Metallic Taste WIP – What will be the name of my main character?

I spent all over yesterday working…literally from the moment I woke up till when I went to bed, minus the hour I watched an episode of Oz – you know,  the prison show from 1997? It’s actually pretty good, and interesting.Very few shows really bring you into a world you’re completely unaware and in such a realistic way. I mean, I don’t know anything about life in a high-security prison, but the main characters are really well developed with real-life motives, and the prisoners are just wacky and interesting. A lot of people die on that show. It’s very conventional of old television to just literally kill off characters. And why am I watching old TV? Well new TV is absolutely shit.


So this is the first time we really get a good look at my main character. He’s still dosing off in his car…this is a different panel where the Emergency signal in his meglev car starts going off – that will be added digitally. One of the questions that takes me forever to answer is: What is my main characters name? Right after…What’s the title? The name currently kicking about my head is Valentino Gorzka. Since in the future, Polish people will have babies with Italians.