NSWF Work in Progess SUMMER2012



My posts are retrospective, so looking at this after the fact is interesting. This is a first complete sketch after laying down some basic lines – it’s really 3 sketches later. After this, I do lineart, but as I am doing lineart, I actually continue to fix errors. Such as the many in proportions across in her abdomen, her behind, legs, face…

These kind of images I make for a Kit Kat Break… I have problems focusing and committing to one thing; I only really get things done by allowing myself to indulge in meaningless distractions…such as naked angel ladies posing for nothing really. These images are actually harder to complete though for the lack of forethought. My other images, I mull over in my mind or on paper till I’ve come to terms with something I find acceptable; so, when I create them, it actually gets progressively easier as there are less and less decisions. This is more like throwing shit at fan and hoping it lands pretty…all chance.