Month: September 2012

Metallic Taste WIP


Here is actually the same panel as previous, but also the other panel after being inked. I kept it monochrome – pretty much. I will actually be adding some details digitally, like the light’s on the back of the maglev car. Part of this panel is a piece of the wing breaking off and shooting out of the frame, which I will add digitally.

Introducing: Myra


New and exciting! Another main character: Myra. I won’t reveal much about her, but she definitely lives a privileged life – at a price. What significance will she have?

Again, a close up of the dried watercolour stage. I made the stupid mistake of drawing this way too small. I portion a larger sheet of watercolour into 3 sections to scale of any long horizontal panels as they would fit onto a page. This is like 3 or 4″ tall and 8 or 9″ wide? It’s really hard to draw what I want the way I want in that space, and inking it with a quill was a nightmare.

Metallic Taste WIP Close Up

Unfortunately, I took a terrible photo of this while I was working on it and didn’t realize till too-late. I take my WIP pictures with my Android phone… I do have a MUCH better camera, but it’s kind of broken and a hassle to use. Convenience always comes at a price, so guess what – cell phone cameras are horrible for photographing white, flat surfaces. I warn you that my next several posts will look quite bad…

This is a close up of another panel – top 1/3 of a page. There will be some captions and sound effects overlaid, so I left it fairly open. The changes in the hues and values of the watercolour are very subtle, and I really like that. The meglev car itself is mostly white, but this makes it nicer.


NSCAD Short Film: Smoulder(2011)

I’d like to take a chance to show everyone my first film, which I’ve recently released to the Internet, as I was unable to get distribution for it and it’s about a year old now. That’s alright, because this film has screened in 3 film festivals: The 31st Atlantic Film Festival, the 35th Montreal Film Festival, and the 1st OUTeast Film Festival.

Update(several years later): This film has broadcast on Sky MyChannel during a short film program in Europe, and on

This film was made as a part of my second year film class with Solomon Nagler. It was one of three films selected by the exterior jury from the class pitches. This film was made on a $1000 budget, with plenty of help from the local talent in Halifax, NS. It was shot on-location in Head of Jeddore, NS, thanks to the generous Spalding family, who let us use their home as a location and base camp.

I wrote the script based on my own personal experience as a teenager, which made it extremely hard to work from. I went on a journey making this film, because at first, I was ashamed and afraid. My pitch to the journey was a self-conscious mess of nerves, but I am glad they were able to see through it.

If you like this film, please share – it depends on you to make it’s way around the World Wide Web!

Notable names of people who have worked on this film: Emily Jewer, Leslie Appleton, Stephane Sinclair-Fortin, Justin Tomchuk, Christian MacDonald.

This film is also available on Vimeo at:

Official page