Work in Progress; Slumbering (2007)

0029I’ve been busy with moving across several provinces to my new home in Quebec and settling into an apartment. I’ve also been busy with putting together a pitch for Telefilm, which has eaten up the majority of a very rushed month. Currently, I am working on colour correcting a documentary – but maybe more on that later – and in between that, I am dealing with depression.

For now, here is a Work in Progress sequence of a painting I did long ago in 2007 that I found the other day on my hard drive. The painting is called Slumbering, it is 30″x48″, acrylic on canvas. I painted this during the summer in the shed at my parents’ house. I found it very enjoyable to work in there, despite the wasp nest in the ceiling and related interruptions. The image is based off of a sketch of Canada Geese I drew from the nearby river in Lindsay, Ontario. Usually, it is a place where geese and ducks come to rest and nest – probably because it is relatively safe and plenty of people come to feed the birds. The birds are not afraid of people, and I’ve had a duckling eat out of my hands on my lap before. So, getting sketches and photos of them was quite easy. Not sure what intrigued me to paint the back end of geese…but it’s a serene painting I still very much appreciate.

My choice of music, while I worked on this, was Boards of Canada. I really didn’t have much else but the sketch and some colours in mind when I started this. A lot of my old work is very emotionally driven…a lot of choices are just made by what I feel like…hence the marshy, cloudy grass that has no real world context. I used to visit these geese a lot when I wanted alone time, and I always felt very peaceful when I sat with them.

What you can’t see, because of the photo quality, is the initial, very basic pencil sketch. I’m not sure how much time I spent on this painting, but I’d say I’d spend an hour or 2 working on it at a time. Towards the end, I spent more time with the painting. I spend a lot of time just sitting with the work and looking at it.

The painting itself can be found on this page of my website. If you’d like a print of this image, please contact me.