Month: February 2013

NSFW Album Cover – 2



I cleaned up the sketch I was drawing in Photoshop of the pose, printed it at about 300%, and traced it onto the paper I was working on by covering the back of the image with graphite. I didn’t want to fiddle around and dirty my paper figuring out anatomy. The paper is Stonehenge paper I bought as a last resort because the art store I went to during a blizzard didn’t really have actual watercolour paper. I already regret this rash decision. This is printmaking paper – it EATS liquids. I was originally planning to use watercolour, but as you’ll see in future posts – I am mixing watercolour and gauche and using it more like an acrylic. The paper was stretched (took several attempts and worked out okay), and then covered in a yellow wash. I have found my drawings lately look too ‘bleached’ because I work straight on white paper, so I thought I’d give washes a try again.

NSFW Album Cover

Sometimes, in 2013, a person can be so lazy that they don’t feel like walking the full 2 feet across the room to their drafting desk and pulling out the sketchbook from the shelf and the pencils from the drawer. Sometimes, you have so much on your To-Do list, you have to battle laziness when you need a break. Thankfully, my tablet is in the computer desk drawer, pre-plugged in and ready to go – so I can start sketching for a future project on my lengthy To-Do list right away.

This is how I like to draw people. I like to draw them fully naked. Drawing all the weight in the fat and muscle in the body is interesting and more helpful to me than trying to overlay clothes on a stick sketch. It takes me several attempts to get anatomy down usually. It’s one of those things I find challenging. I don’t think I’m very spatial. Aside from using this pose references, I’m not using any other references for the human figure in this project. Pose Maniacs is a great resource.