Month: March 2013

NSFW Album Cover – 5


Slowly painting in details with watercolour, as well as highlights. At this point, I realize I have to put down the darker colours first and build up lighter layers of watercolour+gauche. It’s more like painting with regular paints than watercolour. Some food items are already finished, and most in the midst. I think I plan on putting some ink washes to create the type of lighting I am emulating. The cake will be re-thought, and I am enjoying the glossy watermelons. Kind of dreading doing the skin tone because of how frustrating it was, initially. YES, I realize that cake-thing in the middle is ablaze. I guess I didn’t water down the fuchsia pink enough.

NSFW Album Cover – 4



This image came out really desaturated for some reasons – disclaimer, a lot more vivid and warm colours are being used…not quite so green. Basically, started painting in details with watercolour since I can’t work with washes and build up the image the way I usually do.

NSFW Album Cover – 3

Here’s the watercolour-gauche mess I was talking about. As soon as I discovered how absorbent the paper is, I freaked out. I spent so much time penciling this in, and because I relied too much on expectation – I didn’t do a test. I feel like I ruined this. I’m frustrated – this is a major mistake after the paper choice. I can’t build up gradients on this to create the lighting I want with washes. My paint is not opaque enough on this paper. Look at the warping!

Then, it dried. I cooled down. I thought about it some more. Hey, you know what? Because of depression, hibernation, art school, and a lack of time in past – my artwork has become very methodical. I don’t give myself the time to try out something that might fail like I used to; my dominating personality makes me want to control everything. Everything down to exactly how something as unpredictable as watercolour will react. Isn’t that why I love this medium in the first place? Fuck it, I’m going to stick with it, make it something good somehow. Things that fail are sometimes much more fun than consistent, reliable successes.


You can see my frustration in the skin tone, and no – that cake is not final. Believe it or not, that warping is not so bad I can’t fix it. That is a step at the end of the process I can do.