I’m back logged in the amount of photos I took from the last project. I’d be a total turd if I pretended that wasn’t already done. It’s on my website and also at, where the album is available.

I haven’t used my tablet much in a while, and I think I honestly haven’t figured it out that well yet – just drawing more random, mindless stuff I’m less attached to (than my comic, let’s say) to get out some kinks. I think I’m getting a hang of how I want the brush tool to work for line art.

If anyone can answer this question for me: How do you deal with resolution when you are creating a piece you want to be able to print large? As an old timer that’s used to working on paper, I have a hard time grasping how this works with print. I noticed it’s hard/impossible to use brushes when the file is large and high resolution, because it’s a lot on the computer to use a 300 size brush and store all that in the memory. Is it possible to work at a smaller (proxy) size and scale it up when done? How does that work?

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