Myra Sketch 2


Current state of affairs for this image… I’m trying to learn different ways of shading in Photoshop. It’s way less intuitive than say…Painter, but I don’t want to use Painter. I’m trying out using the Hard Light layer effect to build up highlights – that’s what I have most trouble with. Just the whole colour picking process in general. Evidently, I don’t think I draw with enough contrast too. It’s looking alright so far… I’m not sure why this is so confusing for me mentally.

I’m not really happy with my costume design…but I’m sure I’ll find a way to replace her outfit. It looked good on paper, looked fine in my head, but applied…not so much. I don’t think I was anticipating how it looks on a chick with brown skin. Or maybe it’s just not my taste…Either way, it’s probably gonna go (except for the boots).