Finished Myra panel in layout

Here’s the complete panel I was just working on. Kind of flew through it after I got the clothing done. Note to self: Trying to draw iridescent anything when you’re trying to learn to do digital better is self-mutilation. I wouldn’t qualify this as iridescent either – but whatever, ok!?




This is a rather small panel, so more detail really isn’t necessary. I thought the amount of rendering should match my watercolour, and it actually matches pretty well. Sits well on the page, me thinks. I’m doing my layouts in InDesign by the way – which makes things easier because I can automate a lot of the measuring and precision. I am not a very precise person.



I know it doesn’t show up well on the screen (also because InDesign everything to make it workable), but I know the detail will show up on paper when I print the book. I intend on this being a printed series. I’ll make it available online, but priority to a physical book you can hold in your hands.