Watercolour – Drowning/New Class (WIP Drowning Panel EP1)

Officially today, I will be taking a digital painting class at Syn Studio (Montreal), where I am interning right now as a videographer. First class, and I already learned some new things that are going to make digital painting less painful and inefficient for me. I look forward to what will come out of it.

I’m going to be posting Work in Progress photos of a watercolour panel I did for my comic. I already finished the drawing, so these are retroactive…sorry. It only took 5/6 hours and I speed through certain stages. Eg. there won’t be any WIP photos of the inking stage because I get excited and it’s over really quickly, haha. Inking my flat watercolour paintings is like an artgasm.


Here’s a bad photo of my prep. sketches. I have layouts done for ever panel in the comic, size, context. I pick colours and textures based on what is around it and the narrative. They’re basically full of composition thumbnails. I’ll go into this more later when I post specific pages.



From there, I blow up the image to however big I want it – this is part of my really inefficient plan to make everything it’s own artwork for this comic…which is both fuckin’ stupid and brilliant at the same time.

I’m trying to draw this angle withOUT references. It’s a very challenging angle, and I’m trying to make drawing this specific angle of the head more innate. I have a terrible tendency to just flatten faces out and make them creepy and distorted in this kind of position (fuck me for having no 3D vision, right?).I skimmed some google images, and then did the best I could from my head. I hope it ends up looking ‘right’.