Syn Studio Life Drawing Workshop #1 – 20min Pose


I did some longer poses during this workshop, but I think this is my favourite drawing. Why? It’s not really that it’s ‘loose’ – too many people get attached to that quality in art as if it’s magic. I’m more happy with how the lines are direct, assertive, and minimal. I’m happy with the texture of the watercolour, and how it’s also minimal, while creating a sense of realism. The expression looks natural and like there is a real person behind it. The composition is pretty good. It makes me happy to see this in my own work when it’s done this quickly. This is a record of how streamlined my brain has become with art and I am happy to see the progress. Mistakes and salad fingers aside.

10 min. sketch from model, 10 min. watercolour

There’s more work like this on my website under 2013. (Update – Year labels have been removed from my site. It would be under a life drawing section. Have a look around!)