Concept Art – Dragon – Last shot + Feet?


Here’s the beginning of putting in the values, coming from the top-left corner. I am using the brightest and darkest values for the local value possible, and then a middle value. As usual, this is the point where I start working a lot faster and I am more concentrated, and I forgot to take anymore progress shots! Great job! Anyway, it basically becomes more and more fined & then I overlay gradient maps of colours (because I’m still finding other methods of adding colour confusing…).

Random SHOUTOUT! A dA user from (I think) Sweden recently blogged one of my ancient drawings. Here is the post! It’s the middle picture:


I was going to link to my website, but then I noticed I took this down? Not sure why. I think it deserves a good rescan and clean-up, and needs to be re-added to my early 2000s section. I did this drawing in 2005; it’s one of my “first” drawings. I did a lot of studies of mundane objects, body parts, toooo many self-portraits when I was in grade 10. I still haven’t given up this style despite evolving a lot – I still use lines as shading instead of large masses of value while drawing. Line is probably one of my favourite things in drawing.

And since I have the opportunity to clarify this: the reason I did so many self-portraits is because I had no one else to draw. I wanted to draw faces from life, and my social anxiety really prevented me from asking someone to sit down for me. Plus, it just took me long and most people don’t enjoy modelling. You can add in the factor that most teenagers are trying to figure themselves out, and doing a lot of self-centered art is part of my process.