Metallic Taste – PG4 Panel 6 WIP 1 – Replicating Shapes with the Transform Tool


This is a panel I finally started that I have been putting off all year. Yeah, that’s how badly I didn’t want to deal with it. I’m using some new Photoshop techniques I learned during my Syn Studio class for replicating shapes.

I don’t really consider this secret information – I mean, it’s a set of key commands in Photoshop, so I’m going to explain here since I can’t seem to really find much on it. You see how those (very loose…) buildings are made of repeated shapes?

Basically, what you do once you created the image you want to replicate is use the Transform function to move it instead of just moving it with the cursor or lasso tools. I mean the CTRL+T function. After you’ve moved it over one spot, use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T to replicate the action you just did with the Transform tool. If you hit this key combo several times, you will have your shape replicated one by one right in line. You can also use this same procedure to replicate in a circle by rotating the shape while moving it – it will apply the same angle changes.

Just try it out since it doesn’t make much sense in writing. If it’s not working, try smashing the keyboard – that’s what I had to do to remember the command and wasted at least 20 minutes.

Anyway, I hope that helps some people.