Month: July 2014

MT Cover Research Sketch

Metallic Taste Cover WIP1

So I found this rather cool sculpture the other night on This Is Colossal. What I like about his work, other than it has a classical and very striking aesthetic, is that it actually reminds me a lot of what I used to dream about when I was a kid. I used to have dreams that behind our plastered dry-wall, there may be another universe, kind of the way in video games you can go beyond wall boundaries and end up floating in dead space. In my dreams, I used to find people or animals there. When those dreams became nightmares, people would get stuck, severed in a portal between two worlds – a lot like these sculptures.

So I took these as inspiration, and especially how the drop shadows created unique shapes. This one is very much like a Batman symbol or wings. I used this as inspiration for my forever-time-consuming comic book’s cover. Here you have my “research” sketches. I do minimal research when I have a clear idea and comp sketches with notes, because I do forget my ideas nowadays with the amount of distractions there are in everyday life. I use these values and gesture sketches directly in my drawing instead of going back to photos – it is how I filter out information.

MT Cover Research SketchI wanted my cover to be vague and more about my second main character than the one featured in the comic. I don’t want a cover that gives away plot or sees too far into the future plot. I want something more mysterious and based on emotion.

As a sidenote, my comic book that has been taking forever and a half is actually FINISHED. Get ready to buy it online or buy it at the Montreal Comic Con, as we will be there!