Month: July 2015


WIP Montreal from Mont Royal during Sunset – First Wash

Now I know people are probably more interested in the work-in-progress shots of newer artwork than old, so I’m going to mix some new and old work together in the upcoming posts. To start off, here is the beginning of my Montreal from Mont Royal During Sunset watercolour. You’ve all probably seen the painting if you check my site of Facebook, as I’ve posted it around pretty heavily due to it being in the Draw Me a Mountain exhibition at Maison Smith this spring.


I skipped the first step of showing pencils – this time it was pretty boring. I’m basically drawing the skyline of Montreal as accurately as I can; this isn’t really something for the imagination, it has to be more or less accurate. I’m using this wash as a base colour for the main colours in the painting. I’m inspired by the orange glow cast onto the buildings.


Welcome! & Final Ballerina Image

I’d like to welcome everyone to my “new” blog, which is just my old blog off Blogger rehosted on WordPress. I hope everyone sees improvements. If you enjoy this blog and want to stay on top of it, subscribe by email or subscribe to one of my social media accounts (recommend Twitter/FB). This blog will auto post to social media and send out of a feed of updates to subscribed email addresses. Likewise, I hope the functionality of it is better in general.

As mentioned in my last post on Blogger, I will be getting a major surgery done beginning of next month and will not be working on art for likely 3-6 months. This is a surgery my whole life has been building to. It’s a total hip replacement to replace my non-existent right hip after osteoarthritis. For those who know me – yes, I’m in my 20s, and this is my life… So, I’m lining up a series of posts that are backlogged to keep ya’ll entertained, but I thought it’s worth mentioning because sometimes I get asked if I still do art after disappearing off the internet for a while. Also, if there was ever a time you wanted to show your support by buying a print or original from me, this is a great time as I won’t be able to work and make any money.

I’d also like to introduce my new print shop: I now have an account on INPRNT, which is a printing company paying the highest returns to artists. I am also impressed with their higher level of scrutiny of who can join, so the site is generally of higher quality and less hipster, commercial products.  You may also notice the prices are lower (for smaller prints anyway), which is something people have complained about for Society6. Please note, INPRNT is shipping from the US, and you probably have to pay a customs fee for your print. Read More