Welcome! & Final Ballerina Image

I’d like to welcome everyone to my “new” blog, which is just my old blog off Blogger rehosted on WordPress. I hope everyone sees improvements. If you enjoy this blog and want to stay on top of it, subscribe by email or subscribe to one of my social media accounts (recommend Twitter/FB). This blog will auto post to social media and send out of a feed of updates to subscribed email addresses. Likewise, I hope the functionality of it is better in general.

As mentioned in my last post on Blogger, I will be getting a major surgery done beginning of next month and will not be working on art for likely 3-6 months. This is a surgery my whole life has been building to. It’s a total hip replacement to replace my non-existent right hip after osteoarthritis. For those who know me – yes, I’m in my 20s, and this is my life… So, I’m lining up a series of posts that are backlogged to keep ya’ll entertained, but I thought it’s worth mentioning because sometimes I get asked if I still do art after disappearing off the internet for a while. Also, if there was ever a time you wanted to show your support by buying a print or original from me, this is a great time as I won’t be able to work and make any money.

I’d also like to introduce my new print shop: I now have an account on INPRNT, which is a printing company paying the highest returns to artists. I am also impressed with their higher level of scrutiny of who can join, so the site is generally of higher quality and less hipster, commercial products.  You may also notice the prices are lower (for smaller prints anyway), which is something people have complained about for Society6. Please note, INPRNT is shipping from the US, and you probably have to pay a customs fee for your print. 

Also, check this out! Nuvango (yet another place I throw up my art for printing) has full t-shirt prints! They’re kind of expensive, but they sure look nice. Here’s one of mine I particularly like myself – this is a little tiny watercolour of a few inches wide blown up to t-shirt size! This is exactly why I document everything at an absolutely ridiculously high resolution. From my understanding, this is a Canadian company, for my Canadian fans. No customs fees here.



Final order of business…

Here is the final Ballerina painting that I meant to post months ago *cough**ahem*. I mean, you could see it on my website if you go there, but I was going to talk about what I got out of the experience. Let’s put the old and the new side by side.

0190 0191

















First thing I have to say is that I still notice pretty much everyone has a preference for the initial painting. I’m going to guess it’s because it’s rawer and more expressive. I think I spent too much energy being finicky and my painting technique has focused too much on being refined. As an artist, I enjoy perfecting a shape, or line, or light. I suppose the trick is to find the middle ground between refined and expressive. It’s funny because I’m not even using tiny brushes. The second reason people probably like the initial image is because it’s an off-center composition. I changed it to be centered because she’s in the spotlight and it’s about her; I also didn’t like detached body parts dirtying the frame. Because she’s off-center and the whole image is angled in the first, the background lighting has a more striking appearance. At the end of the day, it appears composition is the most important aesthetic feature. People are willing to look past the stiff, awful anatomy, the tacky design of the dress, the muddy colours and poorly placed values for an overall dynamic composition. I feel like one image is more in your face, while the other more subtle.

What I really got out of doing this painting was realizing, once again, I am obsessing over technical precision over the concept or emotion itself. Details over the big picture. Is any of this necessarily wrong? No. Just reflection. I really think when you’re learning something, you have to go from one extreme to another to get a sense of where you should really be. I also like this painting myself far more than the first. If you have any comments on this painting, please leave some.

If anyone is interested in prints: