WIP Montreal from Mont Royal during Sunset – 4


Sorry for the crappy image here. I’ve had issues with my new smartphone’s camera. I have a Samsung S4, and I thought I was upgrading for better picture quality, but apparently – this phone has a really crappy low-light camera. This isn’t even really low light – it’s a bright lamp pointed right at the picture, it should look perfect. I just don’t know.

Anyway, the sky is more or less finished. I made a huge effort to preserve the white of the paper in one spot there, which I’m not very good at. I’m happy with how it looks. Have to use the purple as a shadow colour for the background city elements to create a transition between the cool and warm colours.

I had to stop painting to draw in more of my buildings as well, as I am in a different mode of thought when I paint versus when I pencil. I can’t be objective and keep to strict shapes while painting – I have to take the time to pencil in the forms I need to adhere to.

On the bottom, I’ve added some green to the increasing layers of red. If it is entirely read, it’s just not going to be as believable and it won’t separate out as a different plane.