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Posts about digital work, whether complete or in-progress. This is only for visual art, not photography or video.


Concept Art – First Sketch from Thumbnail


Scaling up my selected thumbnail and combining features and sketches to get to a final idea. I had to look up saddles to get the shape of mine right. I changed the proportions to fit better with the body. I imagine such a mid-heavy creature needs a balanced front and back, so he/she needs a sturdy tail and heavy skull. I decided not to draw the human character in because I don’t have a design ready for it – it would just be a bunch of BS and I feel like the saddle already dictates scale.

One thing I’m super anal about is dragon wings. It’s ALWAYS bothered – always – since I was a small child – that most dragon wings are drawn as thin, flimsy bat wings. Nobody stops to think that such a heavy creature needs a little more than that? How do they get it off the ground if they don’t have the strength to move that much air? I feel like thinking of such things is a duty of the character designer. Your character can look cool, but if it looks unbelievable (not necessarily that it needs to make sense or look realistic, just feel believable), then your design is garbage.

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Concept Art – More Silhouettes of Dragon

0048-bSo at this point, I selected which concept I will pursue and expanded on it. I picked the dragon because I felt like working on a dragon and seemed to be coming up with ideas for it more easily – the other two have to wait till I think them through more. These are some different wing types, skull types, positions.  Again, quick and to the point. The back-story I have made up so far is that the dragon is ‘hump backed’ by having wings on its hips instead of shoulders, and is bred for transport. A camel comes to mind.

Colour on the portrait?

I figure I should it wrap it up with this portrait I’ve been doing, right? I finished it – added some colour. I’m gonna be a jerk and make you click a link to go see it instead of posting it here. If ya check my website regularly, you’dve (Nova Scotian grammar for ya) seen it already!!


Concept Art – Silhouettes & Vampire Myth


I should stop lying and saying I’m not up to “that much” when people ask me about my creative work. I don’t rush myself, but I definitely have a lot going on and a lot of projects rotating from the back burner. Here are some silhouettes from my Digital Painting class. These are to generate some ideas for a concept, and are meant to be quick. Jeevan, my teacher, says what’s most important is that they shape has a good composition. If it looks good like this, it will look great enlarge with full detail. So here I have some different character ideas – a previous character I am working on up-top, the weird fuckin’.. George Bush thing, and some concepts for a harpy or a dragon.

Let me tell you about the floating mask with a spine at least – I was reading a great Asian period comic (if my memory for titles and names existed, I’d love to tell you what it was), and I learned through the story about these vampire creates. They are basically floating heads that have become disembodied, and to survive, they must capture a person, steal their body, and consume their blood. The monsters in the story were ritualistic and powerful – they would lure beautiful woman, kill them, steal the corpse. Because one body doesn’t last forever, this was a continuous process. I’m guessing it’s implied that either through magic or some creepy process, the brain in the head has the ability to consume.



C’est fini! Actually, not really, my Digital Painting teacher, Jeevan Dhamindra, pointed out some lighting mistakes I should change. I’ll post an update, and you guys can compare and see the difference in fixing subtle mistakes. I’m a huge advocate for attention to detail. Eitherway, here is a speeeddddpaaaintt videeeeo!!!!! I made of this. First one ever. Watch it and share it, I’ll love you.



George Bush Mask – Silhouette


This is a silhouette I was doing to generate some ideas for concept art for my portfolio. I was walking down the street on a very hot day, and I kind of hallucinated while turning my head and looking at two different people crossing the street. Mixed a gangsta guy with a girl in heels, and I thought – that’d be a cool thief character. For some reason, I thought she would conceal her identity with a George Bush mask. That’s what I would do if I was robbing banks anyway. This is kind of a bizarre sketch now that I look at it again.

Reddit Gets Drawn Portrait – Progress


Process shots of my value study/portrait study. I was super excited to do this so I got to this point super fast. Doing the rest of the shirt is a little more labourious, because it’s a lot of the same and the repeating cleans get confusing to look at. The best part is always doing the face, but I also enjoyed doing the really subtle 3D curve in the shadow on her..boobs. Yup.


Now what to do with the background? I don’t want to just copy the photo of course… and the BG in the background IS kind of boring. I think I will do a beach since I feel like she belongs on a beach.