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Syn Studio Life Drawing Workshop #1 – 2min Sketches

I brought watercolours to the workshop to challenge myself. In the past, I’ve exclusively worked with charcoal or markers. I never would use a water medium… teachers would insist I would, but we were drawing on newsprint. You can’t use water on that shit. I bought a pad of watercolour paper so I can make a legit attempt.


Two minutes isn’t a lot of time to reign control over wet watercolours though.


WIP Drowning Panel EP1 – Pencils


There’s the final pencils for this drawing. Beyond the head, this took most of the time on this image because I had to sit there and really consider the placement of everything. This is often the most enjoyable part of a drawing for me. I don’t do a lot of fully rendered pencil drawings because the mechanical filling-in nature of pencil drawings gets tedious quickly. I enjoy the ‘design’ portion more.

You might notice that the composition has changed a little… this happens. Some artists prefer to refine their sketches at the thumbnail stage, but I don’t necessarily. I get it as close as I can, then move on…because I know it’s going to change and improve when I apply the image to a larger size and with more detail. I think we can all agree a slightly sexualized pose like this (I dunno, man elegantly drowning to me is hot?) is better than staring at his gullet and up into nose hair.

Stylized water is one of my favourite things in the world.

Watercolour – Drowning/New Class (WIP Drowning Panel EP1)

Officially today, I will be taking a digital painting class at Syn Studio (Montreal), where I am interning right now as a videographer. First class, and I already learned some new things that are going to make digital painting less painful and inefficient for me. I look forward to what will come out of it.

I’m going to be posting Work in Progress photos of a watercolour panel I did for my comic. I already finished the drawing, so these are retroactive…sorry. It only took 5/6 hours and I speed through certain stages. Eg. there won’t be any WIP photos of the inking stage because I get excited and it’s over really quickly, haha. Inking my flat watercolour paintings is like an artgasm.


Here’s a bad photo of my prep. sketches. I have layouts done for ever panel in the comic, size, context. I pick colours and textures based on what is around it and the narrative. They’re basically full of composition thumbnails. I’ll go into this more later when I post specific pages.



From there, I blow up the image to however big I want it – this is part of my really inefficient plan to make everything it’s own artwork for this comic…which is both fuckin’ stupid and brilliant at the same time.

I’m trying to draw this angle withOUT references. It’s a very challenging angle, and I’m trying to make drawing this specific angle of the head more innate. I have a terrible tendency to just flatten faces out and make them creepy and distorted in this kind of position (fuck me for having no 3D vision, right?).I skimmed some google images, and then did the best I could from my head. I hope it ends up looking ‘right’.

Myra Sketch 2


Current state of affairs for this image… I’m trying to learn different ways of shading in Photoshop. It’s way less intuitive than say…Painter, but I don’t want to use Painter. I’m trying out using the Hard Light layer effect to build up highlights – that’s what I have most trouble with. Just the whole colour picking process in general. Evidently, I don’t think I draw with enough contrast too. It’s looking alright so far… I’m not sure why this is so confusing for me mentally.

I’m not really happy with my costume design…but I’m sure I’ll find a way to replace her outfit. It looked good on paper, looked fine in my head, but applied…not so much. I don’t think I was anticipating how it looks on a chick with brown skin. Or maybe it’s just not my taste…Either way, it’s probably gonna go (except for the boots).


 I’m back logged in the amount of photos I took from the last project. I’d be a total turd if I pretended that wasn’t already done. It’s on my website and also at, where the album is available.

I haven’t used my tablet much in a while, and I think I honestly haven’t figured it out that well yet – just drawing more random, mindless stuff I’m less attached to (than my comic, let’s say) to get out some kinks. I think I’m getting a hang of how I want the brush tool to work for line art.

If anyone can answer this question for me: How do you deal with resolution when you are creating a piece you want to be able to print large? As an old timer that’s used to working on paper, I have a hard time grasping how this works with print. I noticed it’s hard/impossible to use brushes when the file is large and high resolution, because it’s a lot on the computer to use a 300 size brush and store all that in the memory. Is it possible to work at a smaller (proxy) size and scale it up when done? How does that work?

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