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My name in Karolina Szablewska. I am a Polish-Canadian artist, currently residing in Montreal. I work as a freelancer in the arts and screen-based industry. I went to NSCAD University, where I took a BFA focusing on Film Production, Illustration, and Ceramics. I’m a generalist in film, but my passion is anything to do with colour grading and retouching. I co-own a video production company here in Montreal — Stereokroma Creative Services. If you want to read a longer bio and see my CV, go to my personal art website: www.artkarolina.com

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A word on inspiration

My inspiration for art is my personal experience of what’s around me and inside me. Although I am inspired by master artists, I am, honestly, more inspired by what I see in film, animation, and comics for style and aesthetics. My art is often a conversation with the subconscious. I value honesty and accept life for what it is, even if that means embracing negativity. Subjects that interest me are: psychology, subcultures, human nature, the imaginary, dreams, and sexuality. Sometimes, people tell me that my art is offensive and disturbing. My response to such people: “Fine.” It is not implicit that my art is like this; however it is what it is and I choose not to censor it in favour of appearing pleasant or decorative. I’m not interested in decorative art, even though my art can be decorative sometimes.

Favourite Mediums: ink, watercolour, conté, pencil, oil, acrylic, photography & video