Freeze Frame Cheetah – Pencil


This is a pencil drawing I just finished. I took some work-in-progress pictures, but really…they don’t show much. This is one of those images where I sat in front of it for a long time, spaced out a lot to music, and made decisions once I felt I found the answer. There isn’t much sketching or erasing even.

However, this is still a work-in-progress to me, as now that I scanned it I plan on playing with it in Photoshop. Either messing around with colour tones in the pencil drawing, or adding drawn elements with my tablet. It’s been quite a while since I’ve drawn an image entirely in pencil and in grayscale, so I feel uncomfortable by the lack of colour and the grittiness of pencil marks.

My inspiration is actually one of my boyfriend’s paintings. It’s very symmetrical and inverted, and I’ve lately been enjoying drawing inverted images. Maybe I’ll point out some past images in the next post. I’m trying to come up with some designs for album art; hence the square format.

The reference imagery is a combination of a quickly googled “eye iris” and a still from the latest National Geographic video of a cheetah running in slow motion. It’s easy to find this video yourself with google – I’m going to link to the behind the scenes footage instead, ahah!