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Astronomy Walkers Sketchbook Prop Final Image


So, the final image. Last step is usually to clean up, add last minute details, and spray the image down so it’s not going to deteriorate. This is when I make sure blacks and whites are true, and make sure no important lines are smudged or faded away.

I don’t have prints for sale of this because it’s a movie prop, work-for-hire, related to someone else’s creative property, so if a print interests you, let me know in the comments and I’ll clear it with the necessary person. If you like this style and want something similar, also let me know! I enjoy this kind of artwork.

Here is the final, cleaned-up scanned image on my website.

WIP Astronomy Walkers Sketchbook Prop – 7


Now this one looks very different. In reality, I was running out of time. What I mean is: I had a set budget, and I had to work within it or at least not too far past it. The top was also much simpler, since it’s just drawing in branches, not drawing around branches. I also didn’t want it be become heavy and too busy. There has to be some light in the image, otherwise it’s night or the carriage really wouldn’t be so clearly visible.

Have fun at school, students :p

WIP Astronomy Walkers Sketchbook Prop – 6


So at this point, it would be almost a month after a surgery. I wonder how I am doing. Hopefully, this isn’t a creepy post where I am actually dead because dying is definitely a risk. Don’t worry, I won’t be dead – I am healthy as a horse.

Anyway, unsettling message aside, the changes in these images are smaller. What I mostly did was add an immediately foreground to push the image back further. I always try have at least 3 clear planes in my images, and I really enjoy distorted, slightly elevated perspectives. This is really what a lot of images look like in my head : slightly tilted from top down with unnatural angles visible.

Now, what’s really left is the top.


WIP Astronomy Walkers Sketchbook Prop – 5


Charcoal and charcoal pencils are not quite the same medium. It’s a lot harder to get a gradient happening with the pencil form, especially on sketch pad scale. Here, I am drawing in the shape of striped trees while creating a gradient towards the bottom of the image. Some of this is created by erasing and redrawing, which leaves a residue of charcoal for value. I tried using my white charcoal pencil to bring out some more branches, but unfortunately it picked up charcoal and made darker lines instead. Can’t always win!


WIP Astronomy Walkers Sketchbook Prop – 4


It’s generally easier to work from top to bottom, so that I don’t need to be cautious of smudging the artwork below. Also, the shape of the branches on the top dictates what the shape of the trees and shrubs will be at the bottom.

It takes a while, even with charcoal, to build up an intense black while keeping certain details white. It was fun isolating the white of the paper to make branches come out.


WIP Astronomy Walkers Sketchbook Prop – 3


At this stage, this image is half-finished. The carriage is done (I think). I sprayed it down with hairspray to keep it from smudging while I rub charcoal into the paper and begin sketching in trees.

I strongly prefer to use high-quality hair spray for sealing my dry medium artwork over the supposedly “professional” stuff you can buy at the art store. Unlike that stuff, the hair spray doesn’t go yellow and is actually significantly more effective. It also smells nice. I did my tests a while ago when I was more into conté. In my artwork that has been sealed with hairspray for years, I haven’t noticed any deterioration or discolouring either.