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Avatar Korra and Raava WIP7 – The Final Image

0110Here’s the next layer of watercolour I added. I believe I also went over the whole figure again with watercolour because everything wasn’t quite dark enough. Tried to add more salt effects after adding this layer over the nice previous layer, but apparently there is a limit of how much salt you can use since eventually… things just get too salty. This is something I actually learn later on another drawing I’ll be posting.

Just to wrap it up, here’s the final step: removed the latex off the image.

0111If you’re interested in buying this as the original, it’s 9″x 12″ on 140lb watercolour paper; please send me an email. 

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My last point of promotional maintenance is that I finally made a Facebook page. Ok, maybe if you snooped around, you would have found my old Facebook page, which was kind of embarrassing.I deleted it. This is the official one. Facebook following is good when you tend to forget about the majority of the internet (like me). It also has my store built into it. As always, you can find me anywhere online with the “artkarolina” alias. There’s not much on the page yet, but I hope I see some new followers so I have someone to post for. This is also better than trying to friend me, because I don’t really want everyone mixed in with my personal life too.


Avatar Korra and Raava WIP6


There’s way more going on here than the last image! Here, I masked off the edges of my figure, the water, and the Raava spirit. I admit this was kind of tedious and annoying, but such is life. The background is a layering of red, orange, and a black/blue mixture with some salt. I really liked the way it turned out, but I had to change it because it was too close to the skin colour. I’m also going for
night time, so this wasn’t going to work. When I put the next layer on, I immediately felt some regret because the way the salt and colours worked out here is amazing.


Avatar Korra and Raava WIP2

After applying my usual masking fluid to areas I want to preserve, here is the first wash. I am doing this a little big differently, as the masking fluid is being used to create contrast rather than just preserve white. The lighting is going to be very dim and dramatic, so I need to keep certain areas light to paint over later, otherwise it will get muddy and flat. Some salt is also already applied. As you see, I quickly paint areas of similar colour first.




Avatar Korra and Raava WIP1

Here are my two starting pencil WIPs from when I was creating this image as fanart for the Montreal Comic Con.

Anatomy always takes a while to work out.

0104I really enjoy the Avatar Korra series. I like that is has complex romantic relationships, that the main character is a strong female, that everyone isn’t just white, and the larger themes and issues involved. I have to admit the second season gets kind of … typical anime with the whole save-the-world going to the extreme and using supernatural/magic powers. If there’s a 3rd season, I’d like to see where it goes and if it’s more tame. It’s hard to top saving the world in terms of significant conflict in a screenplay.