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WIP Conte Panel 4


Here’s pretty much the final image before the tape comes off. The difference is probably harder to see now, so you gotta zoom in. The panel is a multi-action panel with a passage of time. There is limbs flailing everywhere. Hopefully, this has a sense of darkness and panic. The red is symbolic of blood, because he did sustain some injury and it works with the general theme of the comic: aplastic anemia. There’s is going to be many blood related imagery in this comic.


WIP Conte Panel + Promotional Code

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Here is the beginnings of a 1 page panel at the end of my seemingly never ending comic first issue UGGGHHHH. (Honestly, what I am mostly procrastinating on right now is my digital panels.) I will be posting these in order. This is conte – a different medium to create a different effect.
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