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Craig’s List Comic WIP 5


So at some point I stopped taking photos because the process felt the same. Here’s one special panel. I enjoyed this because there was so many lights intersecting and of different types, and since it’s night – I feel like it’s more open to interpretation. This is the painter/film maker in me. I spent the majority of the time for this page on this panel, layering colours. With the fraying edges and texture, this turned out great with ink.


Craig’s List Comic WIP 2

No one says you can’t repurpose your art as dumb Facebook profile pictures.
I think this face is absolutely hilarious..
Here is the WIP. I am insane and decided I will definitely ink all the straight lines… I use one of those rulers with cork backing, and I am extremely careful. I feel like I am preforming surgery and it is a tense time. Don’t you just hate it when you dip your ruler into your freshly inked line and drag it…? It’s ok now with some white gauche and Photoshop, but I am a perfectionist.

Pencils for a New Comic

This is going to be one of those posts that looks like there’s nothing to see from the thumbnail – it’s a pencils post!

This is the first page of a short comic I am making which will hopefully be followed by more short stories to create a small book. This year, I am planning on having a table at the Montreal Comic Con, so I have been working pretty hard to put stuff together while doing way too many things at once. I kind of envy people with simple straight forward lives, because organizing many projects at once is a nightmare and you constantly feel like you’re under-achieving just because it takes so long to finish them when you only work on them for an hour or two a day and have to move onto something else.
I often try pitch my portfolio for comic projects or illustrations in books, and I find clients to be so terribly unimaginative or lacking in trust that you have to have an example of every little thing. Well, he’s an example of my pencils! I don’t know what people think…how would I get to the end result without pencils?
Here’s some supplementary imagery:
This is sculpture work by Johnson Tsang. It is a stainless steel sculpture combining water and faces, and it’s part of a series. I enjoy Colossal magazine for art.It’s refreshing and inspiring, and one place I find work that truly impresses me… as the snob that I am.

I can’t bring myself to figure out how this was made, and in this case, that makes the work more whimsical and mysterious. That’s rare in a world where everything seems to have an explanation…but I suspect 3D printing.