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Concept Art – Dragon – Last shot + Feet?


Here’s the beginning of putting in the values, coming from the top-left corner. I am using the brightest and darkest values for the local value possible, and then a middle value. As usual, this is the point where I start working a lot faster and I am more concentrated, and I forgot to take anymore progress shots! Great job! Anyway, it basically becomes more and more fined & then I overlay gradient maps of colours (because I’m still finding other methods of adding colour confusing…).

Random SHOUTOUT! A dA user from (I think) Sweden recently blogged one of my ancient drawings. Here is the post! It’s the middle picture:

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Concept Art – First Sketch from Thumbnail


Scaling up my selected thumbnail and combining features and sketches to get to a final idea. I had to look up saddles to get the shape of mine right. I changed the proportions to fit better with the body. I imagine such a mid-heavy creature needs a balanced front and back, so he/she needs a sturdy tail and heavy skull. I decided not to draw the human character in because I don’t have a design ready for it – it would just be a bunch of BS and I feel like the saddle already dictates scale.

One thing I’m super anal about is dragon wings. It’s ALWAYS bothered – always – since I was a small child – that most dragon wings are drawn as thin, flimsy bat wings. Nobody stops to think that such a heavy creature needs a little more than that? How do they get it off the ground if they don’t have the strength to move that much air? I feel like thinking of such things is a duty of the character designer. Your character can look cool, but if it looks unbelievable (not necessarily that it needs to make sense or look realistic, just feel believable), then your design is garbage.

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Concept Art – More Silhouettes of Dragon

0048-bSo at this point, I selected which concept I will pursue and expanded on it. I picked the dragon because I felt like working on a dragon and seemed to be coming up with ideas for it more easily – the other two have to wait till I think them through more. These are some different wing types, skull types, positions.  Again, quick and to the point. The back-story I have made up so far is that the dragon is ‘hump backed’ by having wings on its hips instead of shoulders, and is bred for transport. A camel comes to mind.

NSWF Work in Progress 3 SUMMER 2012


I hope you noticed some of those small anatomical mistakes in the last one. Like the face – how all the features were really on the side of her head, and twisted sideways. Go compare, see the difference. Imagine that in real life, how it would look like. It really affects the image.

Now some mistakes I make on purpose which won’t effect the believabilty of this image, such as a purposely wrong tilt of the eyes – they just look better this way to me, and convey whatever emotion I feel the need to dump in this image.

What’s up with the crinkly dress thing? I don’t know. I for some reason feel attracted to crinkled alumin right now. This is my old skool anime watercolouresque skin tone.

NSWF Work in Progess 2 SUMMER2012


Here are the previously mentioned sketches layered on top of each other. I draw this way to get down anatomy; I don’t pretend to ‘know’ the perfect shape of everything at ever angle. I’m saying that because I see so much stuff out there where poses are traced, body parts copied straight from a picture… #animefanart anyone? It’s not about memorizing lines. You don’t learn to draw the way you learn to play piano. I will probably say it time and time again in the future: don’t be lazy, learn human anatomy.

NSWF Work in Progess SUMMER2012



My posts are retrospective, so looking at this after the fact is interesting. This is a first complete sketch after laying down some basic lines – it’s really 3 sketches later. After this, I do lineart, but as I am doing lineart, I actually continue to fix errors. Such as the many in proportions across in her abdomen, her behind, legs, face…

These kind of images I make for a Kit Kat Break… I have problems focusing and committing to one thing; I only really get things done by allowing myself to indulge in meaningless distractions…such as naked angel ladies posing for nothing really. These images are actually harder to complete though for the lack of forethought. My other images, I mull over in my mind or on paper till I’ve come to terms with something I find acceptable; so, when I create them, it actually gets progressively easier as there are less and less decisions. This is more like throwing shit at fan and hoping it lands pretty…all chance.

Birthday Post – First real digital drawing: Dragon

0005-bThis is a special post because it was my birthday yesturday and I got too caught up in being out on Canada Day to post anything.

This is the first drawing I did on my new tablet. I’ve never really used a tablet. I did two drawings on one way back 6 years ago, and neither I’m entirely proud of. One of them was like an anti-Nazi image (why?….) and the other, a overly realistic cartoon cat, where I got obsessively caught up in the details.

The first real drawing on this tablet is actually a scribble, trying to get used to the pen. Then after that, I found the Wacom Intuos4 works pretty close to any other pen-like medium and found it easy and intuitive to use.

Typically, this is how I draw. I use a lot of grungy texture and lines – I do a lot of shading with the actual line work. I like large flat areas with drawn in shading, but I also like to have the impression of the light or real texture of what I’m drawing.

I’m also a huge life-long fan of dragons and have my own stylistic conventions for drawing them (ie, those paws).