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“Montreal Fall Wind” WIP08 – Plastic Wrap Technique


I started inking and creating texture in the background. Once again, the plastic wrap technique where plastic is laid on top of wet watercolour to distort it while it is drying. Hopefully, this is a better image to explain that idea.

What kind of New Year’s resolutions do you have? I wrote about it a little in my latest update on my website.


J’ai commencé encrer et développer la texture du fond. Encore un fois, je laisse de la plastique rester sur les aquarelles lorsqu’ils sèchent. J’espère cet image est meilleur.


Quelle sorte de la résolution d’année avez-vous? J’ai écrit un peu à propos de ça dans mon mise à jour sur mon site web. (Seulement anglais.)


Avatar Korra and Raava WIP6


There’s way more going on here than the last image! Here, I masked off the edges of my figure, the water, and the Raava spirit. I admit this was kind of tedious and annoying, but such is life. The background is a layering of red, orange, and a black/blue mixture with some salt. I really liked the way it turned out, but I had to change it because it was too close to the skin colour. I’m also going for
night time, so this wasn’t going to work. When I put the next layer on, I immediately felt some regret because the way the salt and colours worked out here is amazing.


Craig’s List Comic WIP 2

No one says you can’t repurpose your art as dumb Facebook profile pictures.
I think this face is absolutely hilarious..
Here is the WIP. I am insane and decided I will definitely ink all the straight lines… I use one of those rulers with cork backing, and I am extremely careful. I feel like I am preforming surgery and it is a tense time. Don’t you just hate it when you dip your ruler into your freshly inked line and drag it…? It’s ok now with some white gauche and Photoshop, but I am a perfectionist.

SFX Strips WIP


This is an “exercise” collaboration I am doing with my best artist friend person, Natasha Petras. It’s a comic strip project where the narrative is driven by sound effects while simultaneously being completely abstract. I’m using sepia ink here, which has a different effect. I coloured this in Photoshop using masking layers.

Here’s the tumblr post. I suggest follow me or carryalaser if you’re interested in keeping track of this project. We’re thinking of potentially printing this in a little book…maybe selling it at a comic con (stay tuned?).

Drowning Panel – Finished Art

Here is the good quality image of the final artwork. Please see my website for other panels and other art, of course: artkarolina.com I promised myself I’d actually follow up on what I am blogging about. If you’re interested in sharing this image, please use the sharing buttons on my website or link to this post; do not repost this.


Interesting that I spent 6 hours total on this piece of work over the course of a few days. Then, it lays on top of my scanner for 3 weeks before I get off my ass and actually scan it. That’s how lazy I am.