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Metallic Taste Cover

Montreal Comic Con?

Metallic Taste Cover

So this is my final cover. I don’t seem to have an image where I applied ink, but you guys know how that usually goes. Maybe it will find itself later on. As you seen, I inverted the background to be green/white instead of pink/black. The main reason being I realized all this black is a hell lot of ink to print. That kind of sucks, because it’s not the tone of this comic at all. It just looked too flowery with pink and white in the end, so it had to go all Matrix green.

After this, I had to really carefully select a font. You know when it’s late and you pick something that you fell in love with that moment, but you just know you’ll hate it later? Yeah, at first I picked some kind of heavy metal, goth font. It looked like some blend of Evanescence and Nickleback album cover. I had to pick something that I could stick to for the next issue.

The next issue is already 75% written, by the way. I’m just not happy with how the scenes come together yet. Then comes layouts.

Sorry for disappearing but I guess it’s hard to keep up with a blog amiss preparing for the comic con, printing problems, personal problems, daily commitments with how inefficient my process for posting on here is. I have to take all my phone photos, upload them and process them through my computer, then upload them here. Too many steps, so I also made an Instagram that I have been posting to meanwhile – look for artkarolina, as always. Man, I hate apologetic bloggers. Life happens right? Right now I’m writing this because I finally have a chance to sit down to do it, but it’s also because I can’t stand up from hip pain.

The good news is that Montreal Comic Con went well for me and exceeded my expectations. It’s unlikely I’ll go again next year, but maybe the next. Right now, I am awaiting to hear back from TCAF, which is right down the alley of indie comics. Montreal Comic Con is great, but also very expensive. The table fee is going up to $275? I will probably have to go alone or find a new table mate, as that friendship failed the trials of this artistic and business venture. That’s one of the things I’ve been dealing with just on an emotional level, because it’s hard to cut down a friendship that’s been alive for a decade. I was pretty excited to quietly celebrate it being a decade, but instead I will be celebrating a “break up” and a search for a new best friend.

If you’re interested in buying my comics, as I have plenty of inventory left, I made a StoreEnvy to finally sell things directly and properly! I also have a proper page setup here talking about my comics. Oh wait, yeah my website is cleaned up and new since I finally fixed the technical problems with my CMS – thanks to my dad.

I will slowly start posting my overdue posts. I have been on hiatus from drawing, just to recharge. My drawing table also has some negative feelings lingering around it thanks to my break up, so I’ve been drawing in bed or painting.


Metallic Taste Cover WIP2


Sorry I just missed a whole month of posts despite it being a very busy time. Birthday, holidays. Any time I had free went directly to working on artwork.

Here’s the pose penciled for the cover, as previously discussed in the other post.  Here’s a second shot to make up for this being a pencil and the time break. I hope these look ok since I’m using my old laptop.


MT Cover Research Sketch

Metallic Taste Cover WIP1

So I found this rather cool sculpture the other night on This Is Colossal. What I like about his work, other than it has a classical and very striking aesthetic, is that it actually reminds me a lot of what I used to dream about when I was a kid. I used to have dreams that behind our plastered dry-wall, there may be another universe, kind of the way in video games you can go beyond wall boundaries and end up floating in dead space. In my dreams, I used to find people or animals there. When those dreams became nightmares, people would get stuck, severed in a portal between two worlds – a lot like these sculptures.

So I took these as inspiration, and especially how the drop shadows created unique shapes. This one is very much like a Batman symbol or wings. I used this as inspiration for my forever-time-consuming comic book’s cover. Here you have my “research” sketches. I do minimal research when I have a clear idea and comp sketches with notes, because I do forget my ideas nowadays with the amount of distractions there are in everyday life. I use these values and gesture sketches directly in my drawing instead of going back to photos – it is how I filter out information.

MT Cover Research SketchI wanted my cover to be vague and more about my second main character than the one featured in the comic. I don’t want a cover that gives away plot or sees too far into the future plot. I want something more mysterious and based on emotion.

As a sidenote, my comic book that has been taking forever and a half is actually FINISHED. Get ready to buy it online or buy it at the Montreal Comic Con, as we will be there!


Metallic Taste – PG4 Panel 6 WIP 4


I was hoping I wouldn’t need an outline, but when I tested this out in the comic – it wasn’t working. I use a lot of black and heavy lines, and it looks out of place and lacking contrast without the outlines. It’s kind of my style to use bright colours and then lay on the darkness with outlines anyway. The lines are irregular to make with the traditional work better too.


Metallic Taste – PG4 Panel 6 WIP 2


Here’s a few more buildings added. I did the perspective beforehand with straight lines that I warped into the right shape. The building in the background is drawn in the same fashion the buildings in the first few pages are so that it mixes better with the digital style and because this duplication process is making the image look far too stiff. Some shadows and effects added.


Metallic Taste – PG4 Panel 6 WIP 1 – Replicating Shapes with the Transform Tool


This is a panel I finally started that I have been putting off all year. Yeah, that’s how badly I didn’t want to deal with it. I’m using some new Photoshop techniques I learned during my Syn Studio class for replicating shapes.

I don’t really consider this secret information – I mean, it’s a set of key commands in Photoshop, so I’m going to explain here since I can’t seem to really find much on it. You see how those (very loose…) buildings are made of repeated shapes?

Basically, what you do once you created the image you want to replicate is use the Transform function to move it instead of just moving it with the cursor or lasso tools. I mean the CTRL+T function. After you’ve moved it over one spot, use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T to replicate the action you just did with the Transform tool. If you hit this key combo several times, you will have your shape replicated one by one right in line. You can also use this same procedure to replicate in a circle by rotating the shape while moving it – it will apply the same angle changes.

Just try it out since it doesn’t make much sense in writing. If it’s not working, try smashing the keyboard – that’s what I had to do to remember the command and wasted at least 20 minutes.

Anyway, I hope that helps some people.