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WIP Panel Lettering

0018 WIP Panel Sound Letter Sequence

So here’s a panel I posted some close ups of a while ago. It’s watercolour and ink on watercolour paper with salt effects. This panel was made conscious of the fact I planned to put in this sound-effect lettering, so hence why so much background was left open. The lettering is done in Photoshop once this is scanned in, with the font, Mainframe, from Blambot.com. I hope the sound-effect adds to the tension and makes you question why he is so calm when there is this much urgency.


This here is a test I made to show my studio teacher and to have something to refer to on my studio wall. He didn’t have much to say overall for my mid-term. Since the semester started in June, he has not made any effort to learn about comics so that he can actually provide insight into my work and even though he’s formerly a painter, he seems to have nothing to say about the aesthetics either. I’m not mad. This is NSCAD. I don’t expect anything more because the standard for this school is at a low.



I have layouts drawn out for pretty much each page and panel for episode 1 of this yet-to-be-titled comic, so I basically take a ratio of the size of the panel and scale it up to draw a bigger image. I’m also really terrible at actually applying my mathematical intelligence, so of course I completely screw up. The top panel has the dimensions applied backwards. It should be wider than taller… yup. Fortunately, this is only buildings and you don’t notice I had to stretch out the image. I’m also forced to squish the panel below. That was a close one…

This is just to see how these look together, as I’ve yet to put any of my panels into a page-by-page solid layout on the computer. This is page 2, so it would be on the left side of the book; the second panel is meant to bleed. Oh yeah, neither of these are done.

Metallic Taste WIP


Close-up of a much larger panel. An accident is about to happen. Many elements are missing as I will be adding digital effects and drawn in electrical bursts coming from the car. This panel is a larger action panel which will have overlaying panels on top.

The effect I learned while making this panel is what you see there with the India ink. Obviously, ink will spread when it makes contact with water. By dampening the page and drawing fine lines with a pen, you can get this effect.

Bad Self-Portrait


I spent a Saturday afternoon photographing some artwork I did about a year ago. Yeah, I am that behind in my digital upkeeping… the pile of artwork I documented is from a Drawing Anatomy class and had safely lived underneath my couch for about a year.

This is one piece that won’t make it to my website portfolio. It just came out looking like a ‘sketch’ more than a finished piece, and many, many things had failed in it that I’m not proud of: the hair that looks like a bulky wig, the massive misshapen shoulder, the background – WTF is going on there?, the face….yes it’s supposed to be me, but it looks more like a caveman.

Initially, I started this piece with the intent of using a blue pen that I know runs like crazy when it meets up with water. That part sort of work… then I just killed it with the black ink.