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Panel – Watercolours 2


Not sure where the last inking shot is, so for now this is the last one of this. Some really ridiculous colours going on here. Honestly, not my best watercolours…in fact, I remember being quite disappointed in this one. I might try fix it digitally, but it didn’t scan well either (maybe try a rescan?)

I imagine the BG character in pink there is like a cross between a rich hippy chick (they exist) and a lonely, high-strung woman that has a small rat-dog that is loud and precious. I mean, toy dog – yes…e_e


Panel – First layer of watercolour


First layer of watercolours. Lots of different colours in this one – really strayed away from the pink/blue monochromatic theme I’ve had on all pages so far. I made the mistake of drawing this on a small paper size… there is a lot of detail in this little panel, and unlike pencil – watercolour isn’t so forgiving.

Anyone know how to make Blogger stop thinking I live in a Pacific time zone? I most definitely don’t…it’s annoying me after just ignoring it for a year or so now. Also, don’t be a afraid to leave comments or even send me an email about something. Even if you just wanna say you hate/love something. Sometimes I feel like I am in a void posting stuff online because I don’t get any feedback aside from the pageviews in my stats.

Myra Sketch 2


Current state of affairs for this image… I’m trying to learn different ways of shading in Photoshop. It’s way less intuitive than say…Painter, but I don’t want to use Painter. I’m trying out using the Hard Light layer effect to build up highlights – that’s what I have most trouble with. Just the whole colour picking process in general. Evidently, I don’t think I draw with enough contrast too. It’s looking alright so far… I’m not sure why this is so confusing for me mentally.

I’m not really happy with my costume design…but I’m sure I’ll find a way to replace her outfit. It looked good on paper, looked fine in my head, but applied…not so much. I don’t think I was anticipating how it looks on a chick with brown skin. Or maybe it’s just not my taste…Either way, it’s probably gonna go (except for the boots).

Myra Sketch

I wanted to draw Myra today in some sketchy way, and fortunately, I found a panel in my comic that needed drawing and coincidentally in the perfect pose! I’m pretty happy with how this is going so far. I took the time to make a brush I like instead of just dealing with the defaults. I kind of feel like big doofus for not doing this already. It’s kind of like how when you discover how much better shooting in RAW is for photography, and you just feel stupid for trying to work with compressed JPEG photos all this time. Well, it’s the same. I have a much more natural and versatile brush I see myself using often.

Myra looks determined as all hell in this run. Too bad this is for 1 small panel where she’s supposed to be in the distance – got a bit carried away I guess? I think this comic episode would have been done long ago if I didn’t pick possibly the most labour-intensive style possible. Between my infrequent posts and the fact it’s been 1 year (yes) since I started drawing this, it must look like I am terribly lazy, can’t focus, and have a bad work ethic. Let me say: You have no idea how many hours and full days have gone into this already in between everything else I do… like housekeeping, working on film projects, my other art projects, redoing my website…generally having a life too. Hand this to another person, and it’d just never get finished, so….

That came out quite defensive…hmm.


Metallic Taste WIP


Here is actually the same panel as previous, but also the other panel after being inked. I kept it monochrome – pretty much. I will actually be adding some details digitally, like the light’s on the back of the maglev car. Part of this panel is a piece of the wing breaking off and shooting out of the frame, which I will add digitally.

Introducing: Myra


New and exciting! Another main character: Myra. I won’t reveal much about her, but she definitely lives a privileged life – at a price. What significance will she have?

Again, a close up of the dried watercolour stage. I made the stupid mistake of drawing this way too small. I portion a larger sheet of watercolour into 3 sections to scale of any long horizontal panels as they would fit onto a page. This is like 3 or 4″ tall and 8 or 9″ wide? It’s really hard to draw what I want the way I want in that space, and inking it with a quill was a nightmare.