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“Montreal Fall Wind” WIP2


I don’t know the name of the technique I am using, as most of the time, but what it essentially consists of is laying plastic over the wet watercolour in order to distort it while it dries. I will be doing this in sections, and using tape to mask those sections off.
Je ne sais pas comment la technique s’appelle laquelle j’utiliserai, comme d’habitude, mais je laisse de la plastique rester sur les aquarelles lorsqu’ils sèchent. Celle déforme la texture et crée des lignes. Je vais la faire en sections en utilisant des rubans de masquage.

“Montreal Fall Wind” WIP1

I hope you guys will enjoy the next set of WIPs! They are complex and a technique I haven’t used in a long time.

This image was originally created for the Montreal World Film Festival as a submission for their poster contest. It didn`t win, and I had to post-pone posting my WIPs here.

I tried to create a less masculine man and a less feminine woman, maybe because I identify with it and maybe because it`s more of a challenge. In any case, people confuse the gender of the two and that`s fine by me.

The pencils.

J’espère que vous jouissez cette ensemble de WIPs! Ils sont complexes et j’avais utilisé cette technique depuis longtemps.

Cet image était originalement crée pour le concours de l’affiche de Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal, mais celui n’a pas été sélectionné. À cause de ça, j’avais dû attendre à poster ces images.


J’ai essayé à illustrer un homme moins masculin et une femme moins féminine, peut-être car j’identifie avec ça ou peut-être car c’est un défi. En tous cas, les gens confondent le deux et c’est pas grave.

Les contours.



Avatar Korra and Raava WIP2

After applying my usual masking fluid to areas I want to preserve, here is the first wash. I am doing this a little big differently, as the masking fluid is being used to create contrast rather than just preserve white. The lighting is going to be very dim and dramatic, so I need to keep certain areas light to paint over later, otherwise it will get muddy and flat. Some salt is also already applied. As you see, I quickly paint areas of similar colour first.




Avatar Korra and Raava WIP1

Here are my two starting pencil WIPs from when I was creating this image as fanart for the Montreal Comic Con.

Anatomy always takes a while to work out.

0104I really enjoy the Avatar Korra series. I like that is has complex romantic relationships, that the main character is a strong female, that everyone isn’t just white, and the larger themes and issues involved. I have to admit the second season gets kind of … typical anime with the whole save-the-world going to the extreme and using supernatural/magic powers. If there’s a 3rd season, I’d like to see where it goes and if it’s more tame. It’s hard to top saving the world in terms of significant conflict in a screenplay.


Metallic Taste Cover WIP2


Sorry I just missed a whole month of posts despite it being a very busy time. Birthday, holidays. Any time I had free went directly to working on artwork.

Here’s the pose penciled for the cover, as previously discussed in the other post.  Here’s a second shot to make up for this being a pencil and the time break. I hope these look ok since I’m using my old laptop.


MT Cover Research Sketch

Metallic Taste Cover WIP1

So I found this rather cool sculpture the other night on This Is Colossal. What I like about his work, other than it has a classical and very striking aesthetic, is that it actually reminds me a lot of what I used to dream about when I was a kid. I used to have dreams that behind our plastered dry-wall, there may be another universe, kind of the way in video games you can go beyond wall boundaries and end up floating in dead space. In my dreams, I used to find people or animals there. When those dreams became nightmares, people would get stuck, severed in a portal between two worlds – a lot like these sculptures.

So I took these as inspiration, and especially how the drop shadows created unique shapes. This one is very much like a Batman symbol or wings. I used this as inspiration for my forever-time-consuming comic book’s cover. Here you have my “research” sketches. I do minimal research when I have a clear idea and comp sketches with notes, because I do forget my ideas nowadays with the amount of distractions there are in everyday life. I use these values and gesture sketches directly in my drawing instead of going back to photos – it is how I filter out information.

MT Cover Research SketchI wanted my cover to be vague and more about my second main character than the one featured in the comic. I don’t want a cover that gives away plot or sees too far into the future plot. I want something more mysterious and based on emotion.

As a sidenote, my comic book that has been taking forever and a half is actually FINISHED. Get ready to buy it online or buy it at the Montreal Comic Con, as we will be there!