Bad Self-Portrait


I spent a Saturday afternoon photographing some artwork I did about a year ago. Yeah, I am that behind in my digital upkeeping… the pile of artwork I documented is from a Drawing Anatomy class and had safely lived underneath my couch for about a year.

This is one piece that won’t make it to my website portfolio. It just came out looking like a ‘sketch’ more than a finished piece, and many, many things had failed in it that I’m not proud of: the hair that looks like a bulky wig, the massive misshapen shoulder, the background – WTF is going on there?, the face….yes it’s supposed to be me, but it looks more like a caveman.

Initially, I started this piece with the intent of using a blue pen that I know runs like crazy when it meets up with water. That part sort of work… then I just killed it with the black ink.