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Drowning Panel – Finished Art

Here is the good quality image of the final artwork. Please see my website for other panels and other art, of course: artkarolina.com I promised myself I’d actually follow up on what I am blogging about. If you’re interested in sharing this image, please use the sharing buttons on my website or link to this post; do not repost this.


Interesting that I spent 6 hours total on this piece of work over the course of a few days. Then, it lays on top of my scanner for 3 weeks before I get off my ass and actually scan it. That’s how lazy I am.


WIP Drowning panel EP1 – Finished



Here’s the final image with inks… yeah sorry, it’s just kind of done. I’m not really happy with how the white turned out and some of the black in the hair, but it’s kind of too late to fix it. I’m happy with the image as a whole though.

I enjoy how well my masking tape worked! I guess as a tip – leave the paper near some heat so the glue in the tape can really get tacky. There’s not much of a worry of it getting too sticky because the quality in tape has gone down over the years (YEAH I NOTICED). You’d have to leave it on for months to really ruin paper.

HERE ARE PRINTS FOR THOSE INTERESTED! Please also keep an eye on my Inprnt account.

WIP Drowning Panel EP1 – Using Black and Details with Image Composition


More layering. At this stage, I have removed the masking… you can tell by the weird white shape in the mouth :S If anyone out there can recommend a better way to apply masking latex to drawings, that’d be GREAT. I might try rubber cement instead because the latex gets stuck in my brushes and dries chunky.

Not much to say here…I guess I’d like to point out the gray tone I used in the hair – his hair is black, but I will be inking most of that black in and this adds some depth and variation. It would actually be bad for the composition of this image to just throw a giant black shape in like that because the contrast and mass would overwhelm the other subtler values and the desaturated colours. Imagine it as putting a giant black circle in the corner of a blank page with some pencil sketches. Black and black shapes are something to be used carefully in images. Same goes for small detailing, which becomes a visual ‘buzz’ and a distraction when used poorly.

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WIP Drowning Panel EP1 – Quality of Watercolours (See link for Reviews)


More shading, washes, and layered colours. I’m not really happy with how the watercolour is interacting on the hand. My perfectionist, OCD inner asshole tells me, “Shoulda thought of that! So obvious blue is not going to sit well on skin tone and look like water.”

Well, fuck you. It’s actually not entirely true because the way watercolours interact heavily depends on their make up. The amount of binding agents, the type, whether it’s natural or synthetic pigment, how much and what pigment is used to make the colour, the quality of the materials, the amount of water… Technology is aiming to formulate more consistent, colour accurate, and lightfast paints, but each tube will always be different. If I used a different brand with a different formula, the end result and colour may be very different. I feel like I’m saying this as if “you all should know this”, but I only recently learned this myself after using watercolours for years. I was watching a Japanese watercolourist paint, and the way his paints were interacting was just baffling me. Apparently, I own very shitty (and cheap) watercolours and have been making-do with them.

Make a coffee, get comfortable, and check out the awesome in-depth resources found on Handprint.com!

WIP Drowning Panel EP1 – More layers and Q’s



Skin tone wash after blue has dried. Forgot to mention that I masked out areas I want to stay pure white/paper texture white. Unfortunately, I had an idiot moment here and got a little sloppy.

This isn’t exciting enough of a post, so here’s the next one:


Started laying in shadows in the skin. Another blue, purple, and red mix wash to the bottom wave with some salt effects. Honestly, deciding how to approach this one was kind of tricky…it’s mostly a blue picture, and how do you create depth without creating too much depth? What colours do I exclude? How do you separate the shapes clearly without falling into being too graphical? What should stay white (always the big question in watercolours)? Things I think about while I seem to stare into space.