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Old WIPs Pottery – Vases Con’t


Check it out, I even found a picture of this vase once it’s finished. I gave it away to my partner’s mother. Sometimes, I just give works away because I know it will be hard to sell them and someone will treat them better than them being shoved into my storage area. I love my art, but I really want to sell most of it just so that it has a good home and it’s actually serving its purpose. It makes me sad seeing my drawings and paintings collecting dust.

It’s also that art is a physical object, and like everything, it gets old. Paper turns yellow, acrylic leaks colour, oil cracks… I don’t exactly have optimal storing conditions. Art museums are acclimatized for art. They don’t have constantly fluctuating moisture and light levels, or the same kind of air pollution we have in our homes.

Tip: Never put original art or prints you care about in a window or in your bathroom.


Old WIPs of Pottery

And now, for something completely different:

Recently, I’ve been doing a massive clean up of my hard drives… I have a lot of work files for art and films and of course personal stuff. Amongst many other things, I found these pottery photos maybe a few of you might be interested in seeing. Note that I am also adding pottery to my website now that I found the files and actually dealt with them. Yup, I took photos 2 whole years ago, and just now did I finally get to making them look pretty. I’ll try post these sporadically so you won’t get bored if you hate pottery. I love pottery and I wish I had the chance to do more of it outside of school.


These are some vases drying before going into a bisque firing. These have a thrown lip and handle that were shaped and attached separately. The body is made of 2 thrown cylinders attached together while on the wheel.