WIP & Comments on Blogger/WordPress/Tumblr

Here is a pretty decent review of the raging battle of Blogger vs. Tumblr. I’ve been reading a lot of these reviews lately because I am trying to decide which to invest my energy in, and how much, and I’ve decided the way to go is to reblog my images with a watermark on Tumblr but keep the original content on Blogger. Best of both worlds.

UPDATE (several years later): Look at me moving over to WordPress! Blogger is clearly a forgotten project by Google – it lacks so many basic features. When I first started this blog, it was still competitive with WordPress has it lacked some features (ie. Adsense integration). But now, I find with the new, modernized templates for Blogger, Adsense doesn’t work half the time anyway. Also, why is there no social media intergration/auto-posting at this point? Tumblr is a piece of garbage as well, ever since it’s been acquired by Yahoo!. I find, with Tumblr, you will not build a following unless you invest all your time into connecting with others, posting, sharing your blog. I don’t have the time/resources to spend all day on Tumblr – which is just one website of many I am part of as an artist.


So, remember the wet watercolour from a few posts back? Here it is again, dry, with some ink roads drawn onto wet paper.